The Impact Dashboard

The impact dashboard is an analytic visualization that helps you determine the trade-offs needed to reach your desired business outcomes. Perform on-the-fly what-if analysis and investigate how changes to budgets and metrics directly impact your performance goals.

The goal of this course is to provide those utilizing our Decision Lens Accelerate features and functionality the ability to learn the continuous portfolio and budget planning capabilities to drive better decision making.


Compare Funding Scenarios

Lesson Description:

This lesson introduces you to the "Compare Scenarios" functionality in Decision Lens. You will compare two or more funding scenarios and determine which delivers the highest ROI when resources are limited.

Learning Objectives:

In this lesson you will

The "Analytics & Insights (Analyst)" course provides participants the tools necessary to interpret the powerful analytics Decision Lens provides to organizations.


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The "Understanding Visualizations" course expands upon the robust visual analytics you receive when implementing Decision Lens into your business method.

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