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Establish Priorities (Contributor)

The "Establish Priorities" course prepares voting participants to provide their informed judgments in Decision Lens.

Leveraging Priorities Highlights

Lesson Description:

This video takes a deep-dive into Highlights. Unlike previous inconsistency and alignment scores, Highlights reinforce the understanding of the priorities results while directly addressing the indicators of agreement, alignment, outliers, and clusters.

Learning Objectives:

At the conclusion of this lesson participants will learn:

  • What agreement, alignment, outliers, and clusters are and when you would find them in your portfolio
  • How to utilize these four highlights to improve stakeholder confidence and buy-in
  • How our four new highlights provide additional transparency into how criteria weights are generated


//dlu.decisionlens.com/sites/default/files/lesson-videos/Leveraging Priorties Highlights.mp4
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