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Establish Priorities (Contributor)

The "Establish Priorities" course prepares voting participants to provide their informed judgments in Decision Lens.

Webinar: New Priorities Experience

We are pleased to announce that Decision Lens portfolio owners are now equipped with even more powerful insights and an opportunity for enhanced analytics within portfolio priorities. There is also new and improved functionality when initiating priorities collections for our users/voters, collecting priorities, and viewing post-priorities highlights.


During this 20-minute pre-recorded webinar we cover how to:

  • Track voter's priorities progress towards completion
  • Utilize advanced report capabilities and export results
  • Customize the priorities collections for one or many voters during an open ratings collection
  • Introduce the powerful analytic, “Highlights”
//dlu.decisionlens.com/sites/default/files/lesson-videos/Pre-Priorities Webinar.mp4
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Katie Howell

Senior Education Manager

Arlington, VA

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