On Demand Course

Analytics & Insights 104 (Project Manager)

The "Analytics & Insights (Project Manager)" course is designed for Project Managers to utilize a selection of analytics and visuals in order to better present and analyze data, as well as glean relevant insights.

Scenario Overview

Lesson Description:

This video will teach you how to intrepret the Scenario Overview visualization in Decision Lens. The Scenario Overview helps you to determine which projects are funded and not funded based on your selected scenario. You can compare two scenarios side by side to further understand the specific implications of funding decisions.

Learning Objectives:

In this lesson, participants will learn to:

  • Interpret what is funded and not funded
  • Compare two scenarios in Table or Gantt view
  • Easily filter results for better analysis


//dlu.decisionlens.com/sites/default/files/lesson-videos/2017-12-3 Scenario Overview.mp4