Advanced Prioritization (Owner) Certification

Learn how to successfully utilize Decision Lens advanced prioritization features in order to get a value score. Define and manage a prioritization exercise, actively engage and facilitate stakeholder ratings and priorities sessions, and explain and interpret outcomes.


By completing this online certification you will earn 2.0 PDUs through the Project Management Institute (PMI).

This is the suggested schedule of courses and videos for this track:



"How to Create a Prioritization Model" teaches participants the step-by-step process of constructing a strategic prioritization portfolio in order to derive value using the Advanced Priortization exercise. 

3 Videos
12 Minutes

The "Rate Alternatives" course provides essential information when it comes to rating alternatives, specifically highlighting how voters input their ratings and view their results as well as how portfolio owners interact with the Ratings interface.

7 Videos
21 Minutes

The "Establish Priorities" course prepares portfolio owners to set up the priorities collection and inform them the steps that go into capturing voting participants preferences and calculating numerical priorities. 

5 Videos
14 Minutes

"The Idea Engine" instructs users how to create, complete and manage ideas through alternative submission requests. The videos that make up this series are meant for voting participants as well as portfolio owners.

3 Videos
13 Minutes